Our Story

The Little Orange Van was imported to the UK from France in 2017. Having worked on a farm and lived her heyday through the 70’s, it was clear that time had taken it’s toll and she was ready for a new home.

We fell in love with the van as soon as we saw her, she was full of character and personality, and were in no doubt that we wanted to take on the project and work to restore the van to it's original condition.

The restoration process took an intensive two months and included stripping back the body, reconditioning the engine and replacing the electrics, whilst taking the time and care to repair, restore and re-energise it so it can spend many more years putting smiles on peoples’ faces.

We are delighted with the finished product and its orange exterior reflects the vibrancy and fun that it was born to provide. The finish leaves us in no doubt that “Orange is the happiest colour”...

We hope you enjoy our story and can see the time, love and care that has gone into restoring this iconic van.